Friday July 28

Backyard Steak


Fire up the Grill!

It’s Backyard Gilling Season. Sure, burgers and chicken are fun and delicious, but there are times when nothing satisfies like a steak. However, you may have some questions you want answered before you throw that beautiful chunk of protein on the grill. What’s the best cut of steak to use? How do you season a steak? How long do you cook it? What do you serve with it?

Chris Schwarz, Corporate Chef of the Tom Douglas Restaurants, is here to show you the tricks for grilling a lip-smacking steak that has a nicely charred crust outside and is just-right pink and juicy inside.

As you watch Chris demo, you’ll enjoy tastes of the various seasoned, spice-rubbed and marinated steaks, along with summery sauces and relishes. Chris will also show you a few side dishes that will work perfectly to round out a grilled steak cook-out this time of year. You’ll go home with all the recipes and a new sense of grill-mastery!

What You’ll Learn: (demo only)

  • Which cuts of steak to choose for the grill: Chris will focus this class on flank steak, skirt steak, and ribeye
  • How to season a steak for grilling
  • How to make a spice rub
  • How to make a marinade such as an Asian soy marinade or an olive oil and herb marinade
  • How to grill a steak
  • Sauces for grilled steak: green olive salsa, peach BBQ sauce, and fresh corn salsa
  • Backyard side dishes- grilled corn with toppings, potato salad, and a big beautiful tomato salad

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Backyard Steak
Where Hotel Andra
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When Friday July 28
6:00 - 8:00 PM

Enroll: $90.00

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Backyard Steak
with Chef Chris Schwarz

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