Tuesday July 25

Wine Press Club


Wonderful Wacky Whites

Summer time is a great time to stretch your varietal boundaries. Michael Teer of Pike and Western Wine Shop and our Tom Douglas Restaurants CEO, Pamela Hinckley, will take your taste buds on an exciting journey.

In addition to being wonderful alternatives to Chardonnays, these wines also provide you with some great food pairing partners.

Although availability might change one or two selections by the time July 25th rolls around, the plan is to taste falanghina, assyrtiko, arneis, melon de Bourgone and albariƱo.

Your palate will be energized by this stylish group of wines. A tasty snack will be provided by the Hot Stove Team.

Wine Press Club
Where Hotel Andra
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When Tuesday July 25
6:00 - 7:30 PM

Enroll: $35.00

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Wine Press Club
with Pamela Hinckley and Michael Teer

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